Training of Thought

Because learning how to think assures success!

By using narrative, comics, media, hypertext, mind games, peer review and other interactivities Training of Thought capitalizies on how the internet has changed the way we think and learn.

The "dramafied" modules tell stories through comics and use popular culture to guide learners through varying learning strategies that assure results.

Training of Thought is for learners in high school and older who want to enhance their thinking skills.

Discover how Training of Thought is developing a workable business strategy while the kinks of the educational technology (edtech) industry are being ironed out

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Penny's emotional roller coaster and periods of chaotic thinking reflect the learner's experience as she works to expand the way she synthesizes new knowledge and puts it to use.

To assure learner attention and rentention, Training of Thought anticipates using reality shows such as:

  • So You Think You Can Dance
  • Survivor
  • Brain Games
  • Skin Wars

Another major learning outcome from using the Training of Thought is effective writing skills that can be applied to all areas of study

Author: Z. Sharon Glantz
Developer: The Sanity Patrol



Dramafied Thinking Models
Visual Learning
Active Learning
Interactive Learning
Collaborative Learning
The Edtech Industry
Into the Future
The Sanity Patrol
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