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Z. Sharon Glantz is a writer, artist and instructional designer who is committed to applying her expertise as an educational playwright, designer and author to create innovative learning tools. Her experience has helped her develop her unique ability to help learners overcome their resistance to embracing new ways of thinking, behaving and taking action.

Her full-length plays on difficult issues such as sexual harassment, diversity and HIV/AIDS in the workplace reportedly improved the work environments for a number of corporations and government agencies. She has written educational multi-media productions that have have received worldwide audiences.

She is founder of The Sanity Patrol Press and the Northwest Playwrights Guild, and has served on the boards for writing organizations. She has also authored a few books among other things.

More at: zsharonglantz.com

Z. Sharon Glantzphoto courtesy of Judith van Praag


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About Z. Sharon Glantz

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